Focus on Re:Humanism: Adam Basanta


What was your approach to the theme of the competition?

In the context of the project A Brief History of Cultural Production, I want to use the tools and approaches used to institutionally organize artistic and cultural production to produce new works of art. This is accomplished specifically by gathering datasets of images from public collections such as The Met Museum, and applying algorithimoc and Ai principles to reorganize small parts from each image in a new “digital mosaic”. In the “database painting” International Gold Standard 001, which is shown at the Re:Humanism exhibition, a dataset of European coins is used to create an agglomerated “new coin”, built entirely from existing historical coins but pointing towards a new future.


Adam Basanta, A Brief History of Western Cultural ProductionInternational Gold Standard 001, Albumarte, Roma. Photo Credits: Giorgio Benni, courtesy Alan Advantage.